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Message started by aguiar on 5th Jul, 2008 at 3:38pm

Title: How do I...?
Post by aguiar on 5th Jul, 2008 at 3:38pm
Hello everyone,
I'm using FSX + Acceleration and FSDS 3.51 to make some FSX scenery objects and have been trying without success  :(  to attach an effect to a library object, for example I've made  a cabin and woud like to attach smoke to the cabin chimney so that I don't have to position the smoke stack every time I place the cabin in a scenery. I've read the SDK and also searched and read many posts in this and other forums but just haven't been able to make it work. In the link below there is a fake chimney.fsc,the effects file is fx_SmokeStack.fx which is default to FSX, the.x file and the PartDataDefs.txt, if someone here could take a look at them and point the right way I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for your attention and help
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Title: Re: How do I...?
Post by jyd1 on 17th Jun, 2012 at 9:50pm
Aguiar- have you found a solution to your attachment problem yet? I can easily assign an atatch point in my  FSDS project. Lights, flashing or not, colors of lights, smoke, hard surface. etc. I can help, but this is fairly old so I think yoi already found out how. bob

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