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Message started by Felix/FFDS on 18th Sep, 2009 at 10:44pm

Title: Repost: A Special Thanks to an Amazing Soul
Post by Felix/FFDS on 18th Sep, 2009 at 10:44pm
This is a thread worth reposting, and reading the followups.

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would just like to thank Bill Leaming for all he has done. Not just for me but everyone that he has helped, from small time developers (like me) to Aces, to even the general public...

We very rarely take a moment and thank someone for all the help they have done for us, and I would like to take time out to give thanks to Bill for all he has done for me.

In such a business, it can be so difficult getting one single item to work. Bill rescued me on countless occasions. You see, you could be close to launching and suddenly have one single item go wrong that will hold you up for weeks. But Bill would have an ansere that would save me tons of time, days of scratching my head, trying to figure something out...

Did you know that when I first started out in Gmax (actually the third time), that I quit! I mean I was going to quit quit quit Gmax for good. I had tried for a full week, full time hours, day and night, trying to get my textures to show up in Gmax. I couldnt make it work! I had done every tutorial, everyone had given me advice at the forums. I was at witts end. I was getting violent at home, smashing a couple of keep sakes because of all my built of frustrations. Finally, when facing the end of the path of learning Gmax, when I was ready to face peace rather then another day of Gmax torment, Bill showed me the light. "Bill, did you click on that blue and white checkered button in the Material Editor?"

Voila! I cried I was so happy. A solid week, full time, waking up at 2AM to try new idea's to get those textures to show. From 8AM into the night.... The war was over, and victory was mine because of a helping soul.

He showed me how to map planes. Once, he mapped a 'multi-material' to my Trinidad fuselage to show me how its done. Who takes out the time to do something like that? No money... When I was learning gauge code to make my Garmin system, (no one could make it for me so I had to take it on myself), Bill showed me how to write the code strings, putting the different symbols where they needed to go, how to think 'outside' the box and find alternative ways for things to work (in gauge code). He has helped me with idea's for my various strange inventions that I was constantly coming up with for FS, like my iPhone and a sound system with music, making sounds to work with certain items, etc. Even just to check a code to see why it wasnt working. He could always spot the missing 'space' or the wrongly placed symbol, etc.

From scenery (churches, buildings, etc), to aircraft texturing, to working in Gmax, to gauge 'night illumination soft glow' complete with tutorials, to multi-material mapping, to C++, to testing.... This person has helped soooooo many people. He even was requested to go to Aces in Seattle (makers of FS) to work with them for a week. He was responsible for convincing FSX to go with the illuminated gauge textures in the FSX update so we could once again have gauge lighting.

He has helped small people, great companies, and even the creators of FS themselves.

I salute this person. FS would not be what it is today without him...

Awesome work Bill! You are amazing man.... Thanks for the heads up on the blue and white button. Thanks for helping all of us....

Title: Re: Repost: A Special Thanks to an Amazing Soul
Post by J_MacKay on 19th Sep, 2009 at 1:55pm
I agree with all the good comments Fr. Bill received. While he's basking in the lime light my list of questions waiting to be asked grows a bit longer, but I can wait my turn.

Well done Fr. Bill. Well done.

Title: Re: Repost: A Special Thanks to an Amazing Soul
Post by Vitus on 1st Dec, 2009 at 5:27pm
Hear, hear!

This person has helped soooooo many people.

I'm one of them! Thank you Bill!


Title: Re: Repost: A Special Thanks to an Amazing Soul
Post by Fr. Bill on 2nd Dec, 2009 at 12:44pm
Well, I myself receive help from time to time...

To me it's simply a matter of recognizing that I will reap what I sow.  ;)

Title: Re: Repost: A Special Thanks to an Amazing Soul
Post by lionheart on 23rd Dec, 2009 at 12:58am
May you be awesomely blessed William...    

You are a hard working soul with a good heart and your deeds list is long.

Have an awesome Merry Christmas.

old gray eyebrows....

Title: Re: Repost: A Special Thanks to an Amazing Soul
Post by Fr. Bill on 23rd Dec, 2009 at 1:49am
Thanks, and may everyone here have a very Merry Christmas and best wishes from me for a wonderful New Year!

Title: Re: Repost: A Special Thanks to an Amazing Soul
Post by DaveNunez on 24th Dec, 2009 at 9:10pm
Three cheers for the good Padre! Merry Christmas Bill!

Title: Re: Repost: A Special Thanks to an Amazing Soul
Post by empeck on 26th Dec, 2009 at 6:48pm
All I can say - Thank you Fr.Bill! We wouldn't have so many great aircrafts in FS without you!

Title: Re: Repost: A Special Thanks to an Amazing Soul
Post by Willem on 3rd Jan, 2010 at 6:20am
What can i say?
Fr. Bill and many others have helped me a lot of times by giving just enough of the answer to get going and figure out the rest yourself.
Or at times giving the entire answer, and posting invaluable mini tutorials on various subjects.

Only yesterday i learnt how to make a desktop shortcut for XtoMDL from the FSwiki, a post by Fr. Bill. In the process saving me a lot of time with mentioning that spaces are a no-no when it comes to paths in a command line...
I got my model to show in FSX within the hour, most of that time was spent on getting the cfg files in order. The mdl file was created in a matter of minutes.

I would have quit a long time ago had it not been for the helping hands i have received here and on other fora. I mean, if you have to learn stuff only from the SDK's you'll never get there...

Anyway, a big THANK YOU is indeed in order!!!
Not only to Fr.Bill but also to (in no particular order) Felix, Lionheart, Milton, Chuck and all the others who populate these fora and offer help to anyone who needs it.


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