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Freeflight Design Shop - Forum Policies (Read 2168 times)
23rd Jul, 2003 at 11:20pm

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Welcome to the Freeflight Design Shop forum! This forum is a web-based forum, open to the public, set up with the intent to discuss issues relating to Flight Simulator aircraft design, flight dynamic, and painting questions. The primary topics of discussion are related to aircraft design and painting, including but not limited to, AF5, AF99, FSDS, AD2000, gmax, AD2002, Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop as they relate to Flight Simulator aircraft, SCASM/BGL construction as relating to aircraft design, and the creation and modification of flight dynamics files.

The forum is not intended as a place to discuss general flight-sim questions, or where to find certain files. These type of questions are best posted to the general-purpose forums at Simviation.com, simflight.com, flightsim.com, or avsim.com.

The Freeflight Design Shop does not support trading of AFX, FSC, gmax, or any other files. The group was founded as a place where these type of files can be shared freely, without restrictions. Due to past problems with the forum being used for trades, and trading being contrary to the purpose of the site, trading of AFX, FSC, gmax, and any other files is not allowed. Messages relating to trading files will be removed.

It is requested to keep follow-up messages in the same thread they were initally posted in, and not to start a new thread for follow-up messages. This keeps the visual clutter down and allows for a more organized, and therefore useful, forum.

Messages deemed off-topic may be deleted at the moderator's discretion. Flame wars are considered off-topic, and will not be allowed on this forum.

Any message posted to the forums becomes the property of FFDS.

Advertising posts are not allowed, and will be deleted immediately without warning. Links to other sites, groups, or products are allowed, by use of the 'link' feature available when a message is posted. An 'advertising post' is defined as a post that is created with the sole purpose of advertising a product or group, without contributing to the activity on the forum.

At Freeflight, we want to know you by your real name. Therefore, we strongly suggest that aliases not be used. In that vein, FFDS members designate themselves to the forum in the following way, John Smith/FFDS. If you are part of a similar group you may use your own identifier. ICAO (airport) codes are not needed here as they can cause confusion as to a person's affiliation by people who are not aware of ICAO code usage.

Messages relating to Virtual Airlines are allowed if they relate to the topic of this forum - such as aircraft painting and design questions. Virtual Airline announcements and recruitment posts are not allowed, and will be removed. Virtual Airlines should be aware that there are other places to post requests for aircraft repaints - historically, those messages tend not to be answered in this forum.

The operator of this forum is Felix Rodriguez. The moderators are Felix Rodriguez, Frank Safranek and Tom Gibson. Additional Freeflight members may be called in to moderate as necessary. The moderators will be the sole judges of what is appropriate on the forum. This forum is privately funded, and no advertising revenue is taken to offset the costs of this forum.

We hope you find this forum useful, and will attempt to help you in any way possible. Happy posting!

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