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Cutting out rounded windows in Gmax (Read 1168 times)
15th Jun, 2005 at 4:11pm

lionheart   Offline
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Hey gang,

Here is a little tutorial on cutting out windows in Gmax.

It uses the Boolean method which can take you a matter of perhaps 3 min's to do when you get it down.

This is a massively easy tutorial and should be able to be done by beginners with hardly any time on Gmax.

I came over to Gmax primarily for just this one tool, Boolean cutting......   Grin

I made a dummy fuselage out of a sphere object, and the windows template is made with a simple cylinder which I cloned a number of times.  Everything is moved into position with Move tool, (four arrows icon on top menu bar), and the Singular Scaler tool, (hold down Scale icon to see the 3 versions of Scale tool's, select the one in the middle with two diff rectangles in it).

Good to go!  Experiment with this.  You will be amazed at how easy it really is...   Cheesy

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A carpenter can make almost anything, but with powerful tools, it will take him far less time.   Wink

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Here is a sample of playing around with different objects where you can cut out area's inside of objects.  Such a tool is also good for area's on a fuselage such as the gun 'indentations' on the top cowling of planes such as Spitfires, etc.

Notes on making good Boolean cuts;  Both objects should be saved as Editable Poly's.  You can reconvert to Editable Mesh later.  There should be no openings in the parts.  When cutting windows, its best to cut them all at once, thus use 'Attach' to join 'all' of the window cutting templates so they are one piece.

Lastly, when making them, you should save before cutting, then save two versions before cutting, one is 'FuselageCutouts', and the other is 'Fuselage Windows'.  Then go to Fuselage Cutouts, cut out the openings.  Then go to Fuselage Windows, and use 'Boolean/Intersect' to cut the windows (curved!  Grin ) out, then save, then merge the fuselage over.  

You can easily make inner windows via cloning the windows, then in Polygon mode, select all poly's in the cloned Window object (all windows), and select the Flip button in RH window at bottom.

Have fun!   Smiley

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Reply #1 - 11th Aug, 2005 at 11:43pm

timewaster   Offline
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cool I checked it out already new it but... I think the better way is to shapemerge. for some reason my gmax makes a cleaner mesh and then I just extrude in,
works great.

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Reply #2 - 25th Aug, 2005 at 3:14pm

Mathias   Offline
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Some additions:
When you have performed the boolean operation, the "cut" polygons will be selected by default, so there is no need to bother with two separate boolean operations. When using the cut/refine option that is.
Actually it's not the best of ways at all and here is why:
The boolean operation usually leaves you with a load of unwanted stray vertices which you want to target weld after converting to e-mesh as these cause a lot of bad shading as can be seen nicely in the screenshots above, plus it's good practice to get rid of them in order to save on polycount.
Might be a good idea to keep a backup of operant B as a guide so you know which are your "good" vertices.
When done target-welding just go to subobject level polyon and detach the window poligons to a new object.
Working on just a single boolean object makes shure that both objects match after target-welding and detaching.
Max7 users just convert to e-poly instead and  hit the "remove" button on stray vertices.
BTW, one would use the cut/refine boolean option
and yes timewaster, shape merge is a good alternative, you still have to deal with bad vertices though.
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