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The State of FS - Some Positive Thoughts (Read 895 times)
24th Jan, 2009 at 12:08pm

Fr. Bill   Offline
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Having reflected on the events of this past week, I have had time to think of some positive thoughts:

1) GMax will never become "obsolete" for FS modeling. The last set of export tools will continue to function...

2) Now is the time for all of us to set aside any differences and band together to show our support for the FS franchise. One simple and absolutely free way is to add our names to the "100.000 Microsoft Flight Simulator Fans" Facebook page!

100.000 Microsoft Flight Simulator Fans

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Fr. Bill
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Reply #1 - 24th Jan, 2009 at 1:00pm

NWarty   Offline
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Reply #2 - 24th Jan, 2009 at 2:23pm

Chuck Jodry   Offline
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I joined Francois group "100.000 Microsoft Flight Simulator Fans" and
( finish his Lysander )  i too find a silver lining in the thought i wont need to relearn again how to do my work,
nor rebuild a computer just to run the game, get a copy of 3DS whatever to replace 8 & 9 , that those Gmax projects i get
all the time will need to be bounced into Max to be exported , the list goes on, like working with these guys openly instead of on the sly..
It really is sunny on the upside of the overcast ...

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Reply #3 - 24th Jan, 2009 at 3:35pm

joanvalley   Offline
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I think we can see this as a "forced timeout" that gives us the time to fully make use of FSX and its features, which many people see the cause of the fall for the ACES team member. To me, it's still the best out there and kudos to the former ACES guys that made it work even though they were fighting several battles at once: use of multiple proccessors within a unit (dual and quad) kudos Phil T, they had to wait for Vista to come out first, DX10 for that matter, etc...

ACES guys, I hope that you will overcome this and emerge stronger from it, we all (who really appreciate your hard work...) pray for your well being, finding or creating your own enterprise as a new job, I know you will be successful. THANK YOU!!!


P. S. Developers: Get to work, there's still TONS of aircraft to be made!
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