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X-Plane 101 (Read 3590 times)
Reply #15 - 27th Jan, 2009 at 6:29am

jgoldman   Offline
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Hi Guys:

WOuld like to add my 2 cents into this conversation..

I do not think we can ignore X-Plane and the potential to attract new simmers to that platform as X-Plane continues to evolve.  FSD is seriously looking into X-Plane as another development platform to add to our commitments to FS9 and FSX, specially if I understand correctly X-Plane is developing tools to import our aircrafts and sceneries.

At this point I do ot care about attitudes by different developers.... as I see it every developers including us Smiley have been accused of having attitudes.

Bottom line the only thing I want to say is that we cannot ignore X-Plane and have to realize that at this point in time.. X-Plane and FLightGear and the only platforms that will continue to evolve.



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Reply #16 - 6th Feb, 2009 at 1:29pm

Zoren   Offline
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Felix, like you I have picked up a copy of X-Plane 9 to try out.  In my case, I am/was having a hard time getting FSX to run to what I like so figured I'd look into X-Plane.

I installed the demo of AC3D and hope to see if I can get my projects from FSDS into the X-Plane skies using AC3D.  Looks like fun.  I am hoping to get onto the forums over there this weekend, if time (okay the wife...) allows it.

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Reply #17 - 6th Feb, 2009 at 8:24pm

Fr. Bill   Offline
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Having looked at what passes for a "gauge" for X-Plane, I must say that they are very much limited in that regard. First, they are all "plugins" and are programmed in various flavors of C for the most part.  They use OpenGL rather than DX, so of course cannot support GDI+ vector drawing.

The SDK for the plugins is not well developed at all yet, but is a work in progress at least.

There is absolutely nothing remotely as easy as FS's XML gauge system at this time, so the learning curve is very, very steep. It is far too steep for many, which will make adoption by many payware groups extremely difficult, and by freeware authors even more unlikely in the shorterm at least.

So, even though the models themselves might not be all that much of a bother, without a much friendlier and flexible "gauge system" is in place, I honestly don't see much happening quickly, if at all.

Fr. Bill
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Reply #18 - 22nd Feb, 2009 at 4:56am

lionheart   Offline
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Hey guys..

Its been a while.

I and my company have gone to iMac OSX software aside from Windows XP for FS9, FSX, Photoshop, and Gmax.   Aside from that, its all apple now.

I have been wanting to convert one plane to XP9 to see how it would go.  If we can convert a FS9 bird to FSX, surely its easy enough to go to XP9, lol....   (trust me on that one....)

Should be good fun to find out more on this.  I for one am in to find out more about the tricks of making a XP bird.


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