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How to produce more lift from the wing ? (Read 1351 times)
20th Aug, 2009 at 3:42am

maximmm   Offline
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Hi all,

i found that the aircraft loose altitude to early. (King Air B200) at 150Kts without flaps.
i use all the real mesurment of the wing and looks like in FSX it react's a lot different.

here is my geometry  :

wing_area               =306.00000
wing_span               =54.00000
wing_root_chord         =5.40000
wing_dihedral           =6.90000
wing_incidence          =1.00000
wing_twist              =1.00000
wing_winglets_flag      =1
wing_sweep              =1.00000
wing_pos_apex_lon       =2.09995
wing_pos_apex_vert      =0.00000
htail_area              =67.00000
htail_span              =17.20000
htail_pos_lon           =-28.20000
htail_pos_vert          =9.00000
htail_incidence         =0.00000
htail_sweep             =20.00000
vtail_area              =42.00000
vtail_span              =7.40000
vtail_sweep             =40.00000
vtail_pos_lon           =-20.50000
vtail_pos_vert          =1.10000
elevator_area           =19.50000
aileron_area            =13.50000
rudder_area             =7.90000
elevator_up_limit       =20.00000
elevator_down_limit     =20.00000
aileron_up_limit        =20.00000
aileron_down_limit      =20.00000
rudder_limit            =30.00000
elevator_trim_limit     =18.00000
spoiler_limit           =0.00000
spoilerons_available    =0
aileron_to_spoileron_gain =0.00000
min_ailerons_for_spoilerons =0.00000
min_flaps_for_spoilerons =0.00000
auto_spoiler_available   =0
positive_g_limit_flaps_up  =2.93333
negative_g_limit_flaps_up  =-2.34667
load_safety_factor         =1.50000

Did anyone know what change i need to do to make the wing produce more lift under low speed ?

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Reply #1 - 20th Aug, 2009 at 5:38pm

jimslost   Offline
LDV Engineer
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The "quick fix" would probably be to increase your oswold_efficiency_factor.  I start with .76 for monoplanes and work from there.  If by "loose altitude to early" you mean the wing stalls before reaching the published clean stall speed, you might need to look at field 404 in the .air file (Wing Cl vs AoA, which translates (I think) as wing coefficient of lift over Angle of Attack).  I use Aircraft Airfile Manager for most of my air file editing, but there are other good programs such as AirEd and Jerry Beckwith's AirWrench as well.

Now that I've said all this, with any luck people who really know what they're doing will jump in to give you good advice! Grin
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Reply #2 - 21st Aug, 2009 at 10:18am

maximmm   Offline
Spline Extruder
I Love FFDS!

Posts: 178
I use airwrnech but looks like this program calculates itself some of the performance and some fields are un-edited
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Reply #3 - 22nd Aug, 2009 at 10:56am

Travis   Offline
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I use AirWrench myself, and I'd say go ahead and follow Jim's advice with the Oswald Efficiency Factor.

Alternatively, in AirWrench, increase the length of the Wing Root Chord under the "dimensions" tab.  This will increase the width of the wings without changing the overall length.  In FS, all these things are arbitrary.

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Reply #4 - 27th Aug, 2009 at 7:44am

maximmm   Offline
Spline Extruder
I Love FFDS!

Posts: 178
Thanks, will try.
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