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XML 3 Position Springloaded Switch - Complete (Read 1799 times)
14th Feb, 2011 at 11:24pm

Fr. Bill   Offline
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This mini-tutorial is for FSX XML 3d Animated Switches.

It's not really that difficult to develop XML scripts.  Here then is the process I use to define the task:

I need a unique name for this switch...

<Name>FlapSwitchSpringloaded</Name> will do nicely...

I need a custom (L:var,unit) variable... (L:FlapSwitchSpringloaded,enum) will work...

I will use a keyframe animation from 0-100 in the model for the switch, with 50 being the center position.

All (L:var,unit) variables are initialized to zero on panel load, so I need to script the math around that fact. I can have the (L:var,unit) return values of -1, 0, 1 but I will need values of 0, 50, 100 for the 3d animation.

Down:      (-1 * 50) + 50 = 0
Center:     (0 * 50) + 50 = 50
Up:         (1 * 50) + 50 = 100

<Code>50 (L:FlapSwitchSpringloaded,enum) 50 * +</Code> will work nicely...

I don't want the switch to "snap" instantly, so I'll add some delay...

<Lag>100</Lag> will accomplish that goal. I can change the delay value as needed to fine-tune if needed.

To summarize the first five steps, here is the script so far:

         <Code>50 (L:FlapSwitchSpringloaded,enum) 50 * +</Code>


Next I will need to develop the mouse script.

I will need to have the (L:var,unit) variable only change value whenever the mouse button(s) are held down, but revert to a value of zero when released.

There can only be one mouse area in a 3d script, so I must use left and right mouse buttons for up and down control.

I need a custom tooltip to remind the user which button is which, and display a "hand" cursor!



I need to use the (M:Event) function in the mouse script to detect which button is clicked and whether it is up or down, and then declare what happens during each condition.

(M:Event) 'EventTag' scmp 0 == if{  } is the prototype for this schema, so:

                  (M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmp 0 == 
                        if{ 1 (>L:FlapSwitchSpringloaded, enum) (>K:FLAPS_DECR) }

                  (M:Event) 'Leftrelease' scmp 0 == 
                        if{ 0 (>L:FlapSwitchSpringloaded, enum) }

                  (M:Event) 'RightSingle' scmp 0 == 
                        if{ -1 (>L:FlapSwitchSpringloaded, enum) (>K:FLAPS_INCR) }

                  (M:Event) 'RightRelease' scmp 0 == 
                        if{ 0 (>L:FlapSwitchSpringloaded, enum) }

I will need a custom <Animation>....guid....</Animation> for this entire script...

<Animation name="FlapSwitchSpringloaded" guid="54998399-dff8-679c-a659-ab9ef33f4f14" length="100" type="Sim"  typeParam="AutoPlay" />

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Fr. Bill
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