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Custom Fx files outside the default Effects folder (Read 2126 times)
21st Aug, 2011 at 9:12am

Luka   Offline
Polygon Twister

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To avoid contamination of the default 'Effects' folder, I experimented with adding a path for my custom effects, and their placement within the folder with my plane. I tried it with different separators, and below are working templates, tested in FS9. The names of files and folders can contain spaces, but quotes are not needed here.

Aircraft.cfg (seems that "\" does not work here)

light.n = x, b.b, c.c, d.d, ../Aircraft/ac_folder/fx_folder/fx_file
smoke.n = a.a, b.b, c.c, ../Aircraft/ac_folder/fx_folder/fx_file
light.n = x, b.b, c.c, d.d, ..\\Aircraft\\ac_folder\\fx_folder\\fx_file
smoke.n = a.a, b.b, c.c, ..\\Aircraft\\ac_folder\\fx_folder\\fx_file

Texture definitions in the .fx file



or so, for default bmp's from the 'Effects/Texture' folder

I hope it will be useful to someone. Smiley
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Reply #1 - 13th Sep, 2011 at 3:55pm

lionheart   Offline
Inspecteur des Polygonnes
Phoenix Arizona

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Very interesting Luka.  Thanks for sharing this cool trick and discovery.

Have you found a way to use multiple Smoke files in FS9 as like is possible in FSX?  I heard the other day that it is possible to have 99 different smoke effects on a plane, which enable some very nice effects such as vortices, afterburner flame lengths, smoke trails, etc, etc.  If only FS9 could do this also.


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Reply #2 - 14th Sep, 2011 at 5:35am

Luka   Offline
Polygon Twister

Posts: 92
I think that this is not possible in FS9  Undecided
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